The Battle for Curling's Wikipedia Page (VICE Sports)
The edit history of the curling page is an anthology of cold burns.

Don't call it 'Siri': Why the wake word should be 'computer' (Salon)
“Computer” is not specific to a single company. It does not force us to verbalize our brand loyalty. It’s completely neutral. And that’s its saving grace. Syndicated in  Business Insider and featured by Slate.

This is where all the unemployed lawyers go to cry (The Outline)
The “Vale of Tears” is an epic thread on the Top-Law-Schools forum that chronicles the lawyer unemployment crisis.

Scalia told me a secret about George W. Bush (Salon)
When we had dinner several years ago, I asked the justice about the Bushes. His answer might surprise you.

Scalia's Thoughts of Jeb Bush (CNN Appearance)
I was invited on Brooke Baldwin's show to discuss my article about Justice Scalia in Salon.

EEOC Files Groundbreaking Sexual Orientation Discrimination Suits (Association of Corporate Counsel Docket)
EEOC is now bringing suits against private employers alleging sexual orientation discrimination in violation of Title VII.

Fair Use and the Quotation of Song Lyrics in Fiction (Chicago Kent Journal of Intellectual Property)
A fiction author should be able to freely quote song lyrics in her work without fearing suit for copyright infringement so long as she has properly attributed those lyrics to the original songwriter.